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Day 1 – Nightlife

We got snagged the first day at the Colosseum by an American guy who would fit in perfectly in Philadelphia with a messenger bag, bright wheels on his bike tires, and a Pabst Blue Ribbon pounder. He told us about this “Colosseum Pub Crawl” starting at 9pm that night, and us, having nothing planned and not knowing of any bars in the entire city, figured a pub crawl was just what the doctor ordered to get the lay of the land.

We got off the Metro a the Colosseo stop and immediately found our guy waiting for us (and the other partiers he had scooped that day), and he and his buddies guided us to the first of four bars around Rome. This first one, called Pier1, was only two blocks from the Colosseum and consisted of an 8 foot by 8 foot basement bar…nice.  It was 20 euros at the door, which included cover at all fur places, a sweet “Rockin’ Roma” t-shirt, and free beer, mixed drinks, and shots…nice.  Needless to say, we took full advantage here from 9-10pm.  The bar tender, Musa, was very needy for attention, and you could tell that he used the same lines and stories every time this pub crawl came through. Nice guy though; kept the drinks coming.

We left Pier 1, got on the bus (which was free and had no problem with all twenty of us drinking beers on board) and took us to the next place, called Drunken Ship, and was arguably the best place so far.  It, too, was not very big, but they had beer pong in the back and – something I believe we should be implimenting in the States – the challenging team bought the game’s pitcher of beer. Thus, if you kept winning, you kept drinking for free – a just reward.

The next place (we have no pictures to show you becaue I left the camera in the hotel room), also was reached via bus, and was called something like Blue but we don’t remember the name or the location because it was so lame. It was like a crap version of Blu Martini in Old City, but without the people or any music from the last ten years. I think we heard TLC “Scrubs” twice while at this place.  This as been a trip-long trend we’ve noticed; the music has been so bad and so old, it’s mind blowing. I was expecting like, Pokerface or Right Round to just be about to hit here, knowing that Europe’s music is about 6 months behind ours, but it was wayyyy older. Like, mostly early and mid 90’s, and every once in a while they would throw in a track from 2004 like La Gasolina. Either way, this place was terrible, and we left quickly.

The last place on the list was Scholar’s Tavern, an Irish pub, which was also awesome.  They had March Madness and soccer on their twenty flat screens scattered around the rather large single room and lots of Irish and English guys would randomly break out into song when a soccer highlight of their team was shown on TV. It was like a little oasis of English (well, a version of English) in the center of Rome, which was nice for us.  They even had a student discount on drinks (!) if you were from one of the American universities that had sister campuses in Rome – we opted to say we were from Temple to keep the lie simple.  Drexel, obviously doesn’t have a Roma satellite campus.  Too many drinks were consumed by me, I got separated from Don and Duch at some point, they ended up about 5 miles south of the last bar and more from our hotel, I hitchhiked back to our hotel, and collapsed till morning.